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There’s so much information online just begging to be curated: news, social media, images, video, websites… the list goes on. Reading great content from my favorite blogs and websites is one of my favorite down-time activities. It’s also an important part of my job as an IT Director because I need to stay on top of the latest trends, announcements and tech news. Just a few years ago, the tools I used to use for reading and consuming content wereGoogle ReaderStumbleUponDiggDelicious… you know all the big names.

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Do you want to share short visual stories with your fans?

Have you experimented with Instagramvideo?

They recently unveiled a video feature for their mobile app that transforms their already-powerful photo sharing network into a multimedia dynamo!

Combine that with the fact that Instagram offers ease of sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and the future looks bright for marketers who take advantage of the new format to reach their online community.

In this article, we’ll explore 6 ways that you can use the new video feature to create visually compelling stories and promote your brand and marketing message online.

instagram intro

Instagram video has some interesting features for social media marketers.


The government has saved £500m by controlling spending on IT and digitising a number of its services.

The claim was made in the latest report from the Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG), formed by the coalition to cut the UK deficit and run by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude and chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander.

The update said overall spending by the government had been reduced by £10bn – 82% higher than the previous year – with IT coming into play in a number of areas, sticking with the ERG’s initial pledge to “increase digitisation and the use of alternative delivery models” to save money.