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This Selected Conference Panel is currently accepting Paper Abstracts for the upcoming  Third World Conference on Humanitarian Studies which is organised jointly with the Third Istanbul Human Security Conference on: 24-27 October 2013. Below is more information about this panel:

Title Is the Development of Information and Communication Management strategies for Disaster response and Disaster risk reduction in Developing Countries be of great benefit?
Authors Kibaya Robert
Abstract Reducing disaster risk is thus critical to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and addressing underlying risk drivers is also vital to climate change adaptation, especially in the short- and medium-term.The 2011 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction pointed out that for any decision to invest public resources in disaster risk management (DRM) involves trade-offs with other priorities in which the same resources could have been invested. At present, most countries do not systematically account for the cost of recurrent disaster losses, let alone the cost of indirect impacts on health, education and productivity. Even fewer comprehensively estimate the maximum losses they may incur.
As such, governments are poorly positioned to assess the trade-offs implicit in their public investment decisions, and have difficulty justifying increased investment in DRM. By navigating in a sea of risks without a compass, public resources are constantly being diverted to rehabilitate or reconstruct damaged or destroyed assets, and disasters continue to surprise governments without adequate contingency measures in place.

The panel will discuss and seek ideas on how to establish and implement institutional repositories of disaster information and how to facilitate the development of institutional and national Information and Communication Management (ICM) strategies and policies as frameworks for addressing issues that are critical to content development and information exchange, and supporting development of human capacity in disaster ICM.

Theme Politics and Practices of Natural Disasters and Disaster Respons



Training Workshop in Practical Innovative Blogging and Online Group Collaboration for Development (E-Learning Africa2013 Pre-conference training session on 29th May 2013)

  • You can follow on for the next four days @eLAConference, #eLA13 and #web2icm

Looking for, Identifying, Linking with and coordinating collaborations easily and cheaply with potential donors and groups worldwide has always been a great challenge to majority of rural community Development Organizations in Uganda and Africa in general. On the other hand, the utilization of modern communication tools that are mostly hosted on the internet has always been hindered in rural communities by lack of: connectivity and electricity, access to affordable ICT equipment and technologies, among others.
Passing on the web2.0 practical skills by CTA and partners has once more restored hope to majority of hopeless Rural Organizations’ managers who for the first time can be able to coordinate most of their respective organizations’ activities online through blogging and group innovative online collaboration
with the utilization of group wares. The workshop will explore, share live experiences and provide practical hands-on training in innovative utilization of blogs and online group collaborative tools for fostering local organizations’ community development programs.


WEB2.0 Training Sessions

The morning of 28 Sept. 2012, all trainees, facilitators and CTA managers had a Joint CTA Ink4Dev Lessons Learned, Action Point & Closing Remarks session at Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda.

Remember, The CTA  organised two side events during the RUFORUM Biennial Meeting –

  1. Scientific Writing for shortlisted participants of the Women in Science competition – managed by JAF, and
  2. InK4Dev Week – consisting of 3 parallel sessions on

The sessions were sub-divided as follows below:

(a)  Training of Trainers on ICM Strategy development at ARD institutions – including pre-launch of the ICM Strategy development Facilitator’s and User’s manual. Discussions will also be held on best approaches to making use of the manuals (Wiki of manuals for flexible updating)

(b)  Training of Trainers on Monitoring and Evaluation of Information Projects, Products and Services, using the Smart Toolkit as reference material. Discussions will also be held on best approaches to…

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