NetSquared Uganda Local event Report on Developing Practical Innovative Blogging Skills for Development for 30 NGOs

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Information And Communication, NetSquared, Social Media, Technology News, Web2.0


Compiled by: Robert Kibaya, NetSquared Uganda Local Organizer; Twitter: @rob_kib; Email:; Join Net2uganda Meetup Group Join Net2uganda Facebook group


This event was organized by NetSquared Uganda and was held at Maendeleo Foundation Training Center on 10th October 2013 from 08:30am to 06:00pm in Mukono Municipal Council Uganda. It was sponsored by NetSquared in partnership with Maendeleo Foundation Uganda, Communications Without Borders (CwBs), Mukono District NGO Forum network, and Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO).

The one-day NetSquared-Uganda workshop explored, shared live experiences and provided practical hands-on training in innovative utilization of blogs for fostering local organizations’ community development programs for 30 NGOs in Mukono District. To learn more about the event please visit our Meetup Group at this Link. You can have a look at the event agenda a one page presentation about NetSuqared Uganda by NetSquared Uganda Local organizer.

Event Proceedings

A total of twenty six participants from various civil society organizations based in and around Mukono District under Mukono District NGO network attended the event and below are some of the statistics compiled from the Participants’ event assessments (you need to be login in to your google account in order to access assessments forms in a google drive) which was conducted towards the end of the workshop:

ParticipationByGender Participants'ExpectationReport HowDidYouHearAboutThisEvent


Figure 5 This table below contains unedited responses from participants and they have been captured directly from the survey form.

No What could we do better What do you want to learn at future events
1 Time Management Skype.
2 Spread it throughout the country Networking with donors.
3 Never responded About web pages and twitter.
4 Never responded More blogging and interesting topics to be discussed upon.
5 His response is not clear Anything
6 Never responded Designing my blog
7 Never responded Web designing for NGOs
8 Conduct routine trainings for increased updates Twitter, facebook, web designing
9 Be more time conscious Social media, How to use blogs for fundraising and attracting people to your organization.
10 Venue was small Skyping, Tweeting, Using internet for fundraising and marketing.
11 Try to provide ample time so that trainees are not rushed through sessions. Twitter, facebook and youtube
12 More practical Use this for income generation
13 More participatory and participate guided in nature Web2.0
14 Should ensure that there is unlimited internet PowerPoint, MS Access, web designing and Database Management.
15 More training on computer usage like twitter, facebook; more training is still needed. Twitter and facebook
16 Website creation and Blogs PowerPoint, Twitter, ms-access
17 You were too patient with late comers so they ate up all our time for other topics. To be able to use the computer in a better way.
18 Budget the time and cover other topics like surfing and how to facebook Surfing and how one can create his or her email address.
19 Never responded Never responded
20 Never responded Networking, tweeting
21 More elaborate facilitators/ topics Web2.0 and more
22 Never responded Web2.0
23 Time management Computer networking
24 Time management Skype
2526 Response not clear How to link the entire social media for work/ project value

NetSquared event in pictures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Videos: Participants sharing their experiences

a)      By Miiro Paul Martins Mwanga, Programs Director, PISCOD-Uganda

b)      By Catherine Nabwami, Program Officer, Empathy Uganda

c)       By Najjuuko Racheal, Coordinator, MUDNASO Mukono

More videos can be downloaded from google drive by following this LINK

Other Event documents

a)      Participants’ attendance list (Document in google drive and can only be accessed by NetSquared Administrator)

b)      Notice on Blogging (Compiled by Communications Without Borders and can be accessed by anyone)

c)      Returned Lanyard (Document in google drive and can only be accessed by NetSquared Administrator)

(d) Downloadable Report

Recommendations from the NetSquared Local organizer

More practical training events are still needed in a number of web2.0 tools and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, VOIPs, Photo and Video Sharing, Online group collaboration such as wikis and google Docs, Content aggregators, other google products, among others.


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