Upcoming NetSquared-Uganda Training Event: Develop Practical Innovative Blogging skills for development.

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Information And Communication, IT Innovations, Mobile Technology, NetSquared, Social Media, Technology News, Web2.0
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Date and Time: 10 October 2013 From 08:30 to 06:00pm

Location: Maendeleo Foundation; Butebe, Mukono Municipal Council

Contact: Phone: +256-712-848448; Email: robkib@gmail.com

Looking for, Identifying, Linking with and coordinating collaborations easily and cheaply with potential donors and groups worldwide has always been a great challenge to majority of rural community Development Organizations in Uganda and Africa in general. On the other hand, the utilization of modern communication tools that are mostly hosted on the internet has always been hindered in rural communities by lack of: connectivity and electricity, access to affordable ICT equipment and technologies, among others.

Passing on the web2.0 practical skills by CTA and partners has once more restored hope to majority of hopeless Rural Organizations’ managers who for the first time can be able to coordinate most of their respective organizations’ activities online through blogging and group innovative online collaboration with the utilization of group wares.
The one-day NetSquared-Uganda workshop will explore, share live experiences and provide practical hands-on training in innovative utilization of blogs for fostering local organizations’ community development programs for 30 NGOs in Mukono District.

Event Type:


Event Duration:

Full day



Participants’ Computer usage Level:

Intermediate and able to browse the internet


The participants will learn how to:
• Create blogs, Connect and share content with other people via social networks;
• Create and share content; and
• Find, use, organize and reuse content.

Technical Requirements onsite:

All participants are required to carry their wifi-enabled laptops. The room will be equipped with wireless internet with a strong signal to serve a maximum of 30 participants at ago. On the other hand, those without laptops they will be provided with one but we encourage all participants to carry their own or organizations’ laptops to avoid unforeseen inconviniences.

Event sponsorship

-NetSquared is the main sponsor of the event.

-Communications Without Borders Ltd and Maendeleo Foundation-Uganda will provide training material and three facilitators to conduct a full day event.

-Mukono NGO Forum Network will sponsor the lunch for the 30 participants and facilitators.

  1. This is going to be a powerful event and hoping we can have many more of these in the future.


    hey Mr.Robert Kibaya,hi! I am a founder and director of NGO HERE IN Tanzania,I WOUL LIKE TO ASK FOR FRIENDSHIP OF SHARING IDEAS IN THE NGO EXPERIENCE,

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