Mobile Healthcare Information For All: The First HIFA SMART Goal

Posted: September 8, 2013 in ICT & HIV/AIDS, Information And Communication, IT Innovations, mHealth, Mobile Technology, Technology News, Uncategorized
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HIFA2015 Logo“By 2015, at least one telecoms provider, in at least one country, will endorse the vision of Healthcare Information For All, and will provide free access to essential healthcare knowledge in the local language, pre loaded on all new mobile phones they may sell and freely downloadable to all those who already have a mobile phone.”

The mHIFA SMART Goal was proposed and will be led by the HIFA 2012-15 Challenge Working Group, which is specifically concerned with the health information needs of citizens, parents and children, in recognition of the huge (and largely unrealised) potential of mobile phones to meet basic healthcare information needs of citizens, parents and children. A draft concept note for discussion is available here

The mHIFA SMART Goal was ratified by the HIFA Steering Group on 24 April 2013. The mHIFA goal is loosely defined and open to interpretation. Their intention is to identify, monitor and stimulate any current and future initiatives by HIFA members and others, which may serve to meet the healthcare information needs of citizens, parents and families. The HIFA 2012-15 Challenge Working Group is not itself aiming to implement a practical initiative

You are invited to submit comments and suggestions on what is currently being done already in relation to the mHIFA SMART Goal, and ideas on how we can accelerate progress. Please join the HIFA2015 forum and we shall collate your inputs.

For more information please feel free to visit this Link or get in direct contact with: Neil Pakenham-Walsh (Acting Coordinator, mHIFA and HIFA 2012-15 Challenge Working Group): neil.pakenham-walsh AT


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